KIDS Corner – CPR and First Aid Game to help kids learn CPR and First Aid

Multicultural group of children learning first aid on baby’s manikin with paramedic



Thanks very much to Meaghan Lister, who sent this game!

To Play: If the question is right or they feel they should say yes, they take three steps forward. If the answer is no, or it is something they shouldn’t do, they don’t move. If they get the wrong answer, they go back to the beginning.

1. When someone first starts choking, you should stand by and encourage them to cough. – Yes

2. The first thing you do for an unconscious person is to check to see if they are breathing. – No (You go for help.)

3. If someone is cold you should put them in a hot bath to warm them up. – No (a lukewarm bath)

4. To treat frostbite, you should get out of the cold and warm up the affected area with body heat. – Yes

5. You lose the most heat from your head. – Yes

6. You should clean animal bites with soap and warm water. – Yes

7. To treat severe bleeding, apply a very tight tourniquet to cut off circulation. No – (Tourniquets should not be used. Direct pressure should be applied.)

8. You should always pop a blister. – No (Blisters are nature’s Band-Aids.)

9. Girl Guides of Canada requires health forms for every member to make leaders aware of any allergies or medical conditions that members have. – Yes

10. To treat a small cut, clean it with soap and water and apply a Band-Aid. – Yes

11. To treat a sunburn, you should apply an after sun lotion or take a cool bath. – Yes

12. When cleaning a wound, always wipe around and across the edges of the wound. –

No (Wipe away fro the edges of the wound to keep the dirt out of the it.)

13. To prevent heat exhaustion drink plenty of water and wear a hat. – Yes

14. Some people have life threatening allergies to spider and insect bites and use an epipen if they get bitten. – Yes

15. Fainting is a short period of unconsciousness usually lasting a few seconds. – Yes

16. Poisons can be inhaled, injected, ingested, and contact poisons. – Yes

17. You should always make someone who has ingested (drank) a poison vomit. – No (If they burned when they went down they will burn coming up.)

18. Regardless of the type of injury you should always treat for shock. (Yes)

19. If someone has been choking and you successfully give first aid for choking by giving abdominal thrusts, they do not need to go to the health centre. –No – (Ribs can be broken when giving abdominal thrusts.)

20. Always assess the ABCs – Airway, Breathing, and Circulation – Yes